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Walking is synonymous of contact with the earth

Paths and trails which narrate mere moments or long centuries of slow movement, that notwithstanding horizontality travel vertically and deeply. In our age of “no time for anything”, a simple walk or a demanding trek, are the simplest way to recuperate that time. Time that exists but that during our everyday existence seems to slip through our fingers, we must learn to keep it firmly under our feet.

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The Etruscan coast: A land bathed by the sea for over 90 kilometers.
Tuscany with it’s light, it’s colors and perfumes of the Mediterranean sea, which is always the key player.
Our sea every year is awarded the blue flag of the European union for it’s clean water and the quality of our beaches guest services.

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Acquarium of Livorno


sources: Costa degli Etruschi - Acquarium of Livorno - Parck val di Cornia




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