Agriturist started in Rome in 1965. It is the first Association which introduced Farm Holidays in Italy. From 1978 it has been the National Association of Farm Holidays, Environment and Territory, and after ten years the Environmental Association was recognized by the Environmental Ministry ( nowadays it collaborates with very important associations such as WWF and the Italian association of equestrian sports, etc.)

Agriturist Livorno combines farmhouses and country houses. Agriturist aims to develop and promote farm holidays and other forms of rural hospitality, like the increase in the value of local food products, the protection of the rural landscape and the natural environment, and the preservation of the country and rural culture.

The Association has about 1500 members situated in various regions in Italy. In Livorno, in Tuscany, there are about 40, and they offer bedrooms with private bathrooms or flats with cooking facilities, to their guests.
This type of accommodation is an ideal solution for people who wish to develop a specific interest while exploring Italy, like wine tasting, Italian cooking, nature or sports activities.





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